Lesson 1 · Tutorial Videos

Suggested Time: 30-60 minutes

Lesson Plan

Project Overview

Learn about coding, circuits, and mechanical design as you make a box that “magically” opens when you walk up to it!


Need materials? Purchase the Magic Box Kit at our e-store.

Classroom sets available. Contact us at info@barnabasrobotics.com to inquire.

Tutorial Video Series

We have different tutorial series based on the version of your Magic Box kit. Find the video that matches your kit, and start your magic box journey!

KIT-8-3 (3rd-8th Grade Version)

Block-based Coding using Button + IR Sensor Module.

KIT-8-2 (9th-12th Grade Version)

Text-Based Coding (C/C++) using Ultrasonic Sensor. Includes a deeper dive into circuits and breadboarding.

KIT-8-1 (Old Version)

Block-based coding using the Barnabas Noggin.

Additional Resources