Lesson 6 · Time to Paint!

Suggested Time: 60-75 minutes

Lesson Overview

Disciplinary Core Ideas

Learning Target(s)

Technical Skills

  • Industrial Design

Life Skills

  • Creativity
  • Communication

Essential Question(s)

  • What complications might you come across when bringing a design to life?
  • As humans, how important are our looks?
  • How important are our functions (talents, skills, etc)?

Key Vocabulary

Depth of Knowledge Levels Addressed

Barriers to Learning

  • Students who change their minds

Anticipatory Set

  • Norms for painting, rules for scissors, sharing materials, following a design or changing designs as necessary

Independent Practice

  • Students painting and carrying out their designs

Final Assessment, project or product

  • Fully decorated robot

Lesson Materials

Lesson 6 · Time to Paint!

Suggested Time: 60-75 minutes

Lesson Plan


  • What is industrial design?

Examining The Parts (10 min)

Hand out the custom parts, the heads and front plates, to each of the students. Have them examine the 3-D printed parts to make sure that they match with their original CAD drawing. This is a good time to also think about how each 3-D printed part was laying on the bed as it was printed. HINT: look at how the lines on the 3-D printed bots are oriented.

Hand out whatever supplies you are going to have the students use, paints or otherwise.

Creating A Story (10 min)

Explain to the students that the next class they will be able to paint/color their robot. Have the students individually come up with a design plan or color scheme with their robot.

Spend some time with the class discussing possible designs for their robots. Give the class a few sentence starters.

  1. My robot’s name is:
  2. My robot’s job is to:
  3. My robot’s colors are:

Each student can share their robot’s design with their neighbor or class before they start decorating.

Decorating The Robot (50 minutes)

Be sure to cover the tables of the classroom in some way, we recommend butcher paper. This is an opportunity for the students to make each of their robots unique.

This is a good time to infuse some of your artistic knowledge into the class. A quick discussion of additive vs subtractive colors or how color affects our moods would be appropriate.




  • What was hard in today's class?


  • What was fun about today's class?


  • What did you learn about yourself?
  • What would you like to improve?


  • How can what you learned impact those around you?

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