Lesson 10 · The Cone Challenge

Suggested Time: 60-75 minutes

Lesson Plan


  • Previous week
  • Critical think based on previous question

Getting In Gear

Now that we have built a library of subroutines we can take what we have learned to perform a simple task. This lesson will allow the students to become more familiar with the material taught in the last few weeks and give them an objective to work towards. The ‘obsticle course’ they will be navigating is very simple, they will get more complicated in coming weeks. This week we will simply navigate around a cone (or similar obsticle) as shown below;

fig Obstacle Path.1

Some things to keep in mind during this lesson:

  • The delay in your forward subroutine probably will not move the robot forward the exact distance needed. You will either need to adjust that delay or use the forward subroutine multiple times.
  • The turn will likely need to be two seperate 90 degree turns. If you did not have time in week five to make precision right angle turns you will need to offer the students some assistance making the turn.


After successfully navigating the obsticle cours challenge your students to do so again with one or more of the following limitations:

  • Complete the course in the shortest amount of time.
  • Complete the course using the fewest blocks in your Loop Do.
  • Complete the course without using subroutines. This will help nurture an appriciation for subroutines.



  • What are we assessing?


  • What was hard in today's class?


  • What was fun about today's class?


  • What did you learn about yourself?
  • What would you like to improve?


  • How can what you learned impact those around you?

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