Lesson 2 · Wiring and Coding Review

Suggested Time: 60-75 minutes

Lesson Plan


  • In this class you will have the class review the process of reading a schematic, building a circuit a programming the circuit to do certain things.
  • Critical think based on previous question

Step 1: Wiring your LED and Buzzer (15 minutes)

Have the students work together to build the two circuits shown in the schematic below. fig 2.1

Programming Review

We will now have the students review what they did before by going through the same exercises for the light and buzzer from the level 1 class. You can find the curriculum at the links below.

LED Buzzer

Integration Challenge

Now that the students can work with the LED and buzzer, have them integrate both items by achieving the challenge below.


Make your circuit do this! Light And Buzzer Challenge #1

While some students may be up for this challenge, those who are not can simply get their circuit to light up and make noise. This is also an effective review.


fig 2.2



  • What are we assessing?


  • What was hard in today's class?


  • What was fun about today's class?


  • What did you learn about yourself?
  • What would you like to improve?


  • How can what you learned impact those around you?

Additional Resources